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Dunkley's Auto Enrolment Solution

Helping businesses in Bristol and the UK to comply with Auto - Enrolment pension laws.

If you employ one or more people, you have no choice but to offer a workplace pension. It is only a question of when. Whether it is this year or next, fail to act and you will be fined. The new rules are far from straightforward, what is clear however, is that they will be an extra burden on both your time and your budget. We want to ease that burden.  This scheme is only available if we manage your payroll. If we do not currently manage your payroll please contact us for a quotation.

The Dunkley’s Auto-Enrolment Service

When it comes to helping you meet your auto-enrolment duties we will:

·                Identify which of your staff must be enrolled into a workplace pension scheme and;

·                Handle the mandatory announcements to your staff and then;

·                Process the monthly pension contributions, from you and your staff.

The only missing piece is the pension

We are not pension experts. Nor would we want to be. That is why we are working with Chase de Vere. They are one of the country’s leading independent employee benefits consultants and specialise in advising small and medium sized businesses. Most importantly, they have a wealth of experience in helping employers comply with auto-enrolment. We have asked Chase de Vere to recommend a workplace pension scheme, one that can be used by all of our small business clients that will allow them to comply fully with their auto-enrolment duties.

They have proposed NOW: Pensions. Appendix II of this pack provides you with more information about NOW: Pensions: the company, their investment approach and their charges.

Should you subscribe to our auto-enrolment service, Chase de Vere will:

·                Establish your individual workplace pension scheme with NOW: Pensions and;

·                Register your scheme with The Pension Regulator to confirm your compliance, as per legal requirements, and;

·                Re-register your scheme every three years, as per legal requirements, and;

·                Conduct regular due diligence to ensure the ongoing appropriateness of the recommended pension provider, pension scheme and default investment fund.

The beauty of our service is that it is highly streamlined. That means we can offer you a full and compliant auto-enrolment solution that is both simple and cost effective.

What will the service cost?

NOW pensions are currently reviewing their fee structure and we are awaiting confirmation of a final cost. Once we receive this information this page will be updated.

Are there any other costs?

·                You are required by law to contribute towards your staff pensions. As a minimum you must pay in an equivalent of 1% of the annual salary of your eligible employees. This rises to 2% from October 2017, and then to 3% from October 2018 onwards.

·                NOW: Pensions will also charge for the administration of your pension scheme. That charge will be levied directly against pension funds held in your scheme and equates to 0.3% of those funds each year, plus an additional fee of £1.50 per month per employee.

·                To take advantage of this workplace pension, you must utilise Dunkley’s payroll services. Chase de Vere have many other options available if you wish to continue with your current payroll provision.

Rest assured, in making their recommendations, Chase de Vere has aimed to keep the pension charges as low as possible.

Is this right for me and my staff?

The Dunkley’s Auto-Enrolment Service is designed primarily for employers who simply want to make sure they are compliant with their new duties, and who do not already have a pension scheme in place for their staff.

The service might not be right for you if you already have a workplace pension scheme that satisfies the new rules, or if you want to do more than simply comply with your duties by offering your staff enhanced pension arrangements.

If you think you would benefit from bespoke professional advice concerning your pension choices, we will gladly put you in touch with one of Chase de Vere’s pension specialists. Alternatively, you are of course welcome to source your own scheme, with or without third party assistance.

If you do decide to go with your own pension arrangements we will of course be delighted to provide you with the supporting payroll service.

Please note that any additional work we take on such as sending contribution calculations and payroll outputs to pension scheme providers other than NOW: Pensions, may attract further payroll charges in line with the additional workload.

How do I apply?

Please let us know by return email or phone call at your earliest opportunity, whether you would like us to handle your auto enrolment duties centrally, or whether you will be sourcing and arranging your own pension scheme.

Those looking to take advantage of our central scheme will receive follow up information regarding the application process in due course. 

Contact us today on 01454 619 900 or email advice@dunkleys.accountants.

"Dunkley’s have taken a proactive and innovative approach to handling employer’s Auto-Enrolment duties.  Their regular seminars are free for anyone to attend and provide simple, clear advice on how best to comply with Auto-Enrolment legalisation. They are a forward thinking firm providing a good service to local business owners. The council is always keen to publicise these and similar events run by Dunkley's to local SMEs through its business support portal." - South Glos. Council