Director, Wealth Management Business

Katy and Robert Cadman are the Director’s of Cadman Wealth Planning Ltd. They offer a complete and personal wealth management service. The business started in 2007 and have been a client and strategic partner of Dunkley’s since 2015.

Dunkley's ticked our boxes

For our business, the biggest challenge was finding an accountant who was closer to home so we could receive face to face advice as our business grows. This may sound simple but for us we were not looking for an average accountancy practice, we were looking for someone who would be interactive and think outside the box. The most important aspect for us was to find someone who would tell us how we could run our business more tax efficiently rather than just doing our year end accounts. This is when we thought of Dunkley’s.

Dunkley’s took the time to get to know us

Mike was introduced to us a couple of years ago and over that time we felt he took the time to get to know us and find out what made us tick as individuals. From the start we felt comfortable and that we were going to receive the level of service and interaction we required to develop our business.

Dunkley’s have helped streamline our processes

When making the move to Dunkley’s we wanted to make sure that our processes would be streamlined to align with our growth projections. Over the last few years, Dunkley’s helped us streamline our processes and throughout the transition made sure that we were aware of every aspect and potential tax implication. This gave us the peace of mind we needed to know that everything was done correctly.    

Dunkley’s are always on hand

Alongside supporting us through our growth, we use Dunkley’s for our payroll services and have recently moved to using Xero following one of their Cloud Accounting Seminars and further discussions with Mike. As we have grown from being a small business, we have realised we can no longer push bookkeeping to the side and instead need help to keep on top of this, so we can spend time doing the things we want to do. By moving to Xero, we feel comfortable knowing that we have got the support of Dunkley’s on hand to help with any queries or concerns but also have the time to increase our own business efforts.

Dunkley’s have always helped us whenever we have needed it and because of this first-hand experience I would recommended them. If I had three words to describe them, they would be clear, concise and consistent.

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