Director, Window Company

The Bristol Sash Window Company is a family run business that specialises in double glazing, draught proofing and restoring traditional wooden sliding sash windows. The business was established in 2006 and has been a client of Dunkleys since 2016.

The transition to Dunkley’s was smooth

As our previous accountant retired, one of the biggest challenges we faced was finding a new accountant who understood our needs but also had the personalised service we loved.

Dunkley’s came highly recommended to us by both our previous accountant but also a friend who had been very happy with the service they provided. At the start, we were a little apprehensive at having a much larger company look after our accountancy needs and thought the personal service that we were familiar with might change. We could not have been more wrong!  Having a larger company doing our accountants has been beneficial in so many ways. Dunkley’s are a very friendly and professional company that instil confidence.

The transition from our previous accountant to Dunkley’s was very smooth, with many of the staff moving too, so the familiarity extended.

Dunkley’s understood our needs

From the start Dunkley’s understood our needs and recommended ways of working which would make the business more efficient and streamlined. Dunkley’s encouraged us to swap from using old Excel spreadsheets to a cloud accounting package Xero. I was personally very apprehensive about this as I am a real techno phobe and thought I would not be able to do it. From the initial set up, Dunkley’s have supported and guided me through the process with help available over the phone, by email or one to one in the office. As promised it has made my life much easier and streamlined what I have to do. I am also more confident that I have not made any mistakes, as the input is automatic.

Recently we had a random HMRC Corporation Tax inspection, initially a terrifying ordeal. Once again we were supported and guided through the process very clearly and the outcome could not have been better. As well as ensuring that everything was perfectly prepared prior to the meeting, Matthew also accompanied us into the HMRC face to face meeting, providing all the requested information and answering any questions we could not.  He was totally professional and made a potentially stressful meeting a relaxed and straight forward process. Also, the Protection Insurance was a godsend and saved us a hefty accountancy bill.

Dunkley’s have modernised our bookkeeping

Working with Dunkleys has modernised our bookkeeping system, which has resulted in hours of saved time inputting receipts by hand on spreadsheets. The support and guidance given has been exemplary. They have suggested other initiatives also which will streamline our business. They run payroll smoothly. They have an expanding team which offer an increasing range of services which I’m sure we will access in the future. It is reassuring to have everything under one roof for when it is needed for continuity and tax planning.

I would recommend Dunkleys in a heartbeat

The level of service given is amazing. Dunkley’s are very professional and efficient; solution led; knowledgeable, capable and friendly. We are very happy customers and would recommend them to others in a heartbeat. If I had to sum up Dunkley’s in just three words they would be professional, knowledgeable and supportive. 

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