Executive Chauffeur Driver

Before Graham retired, he was an Executive Chauffeur. He has been a client of Dunkley’s since 2013.

I have always received exemplary service  

As an Executive Chauffeur, my biggest challenge is finding the time to do paperwork after long days driving. From the start, I wanted to do the paperwork I needed to myself but then leave the rest to a professional. At this point, I looked for an accountant. I searched a variety of accountancy practices, but I found them to be unprofessional in their dealings with me. From the first phone call with Dunkley’s I have received exemplary service which has made me feel very comfortable and that help is always there when I need it.

Working with Dunkley’s has enabled me to save time

Since starting with Dunkley’s, I have worked very closely with Matthew to put a meaningful spreadsheet together that suited my purpose and met his purpose in being able to prepare my Tax position. By working together with Matthew, I have been able to save a lot of time when it comes to completing my accounts allowing me to be more productive in my role as an Executive Chauffeur.

Dunkley’s have provided a professional yet personable service

Working with Dunkley’s has provided me with a professional, personable and reliable service which suits my needs. I would recommend Dunkley's because they make completing my accounts easy enabling me to spend more time focusing on the day to day running of my business.

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