Senior Auditor

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Job Title:

Senior Auditor

Accountable To:

Audit Manager


Woodlands Grange, Woodlands Lane, Bradley Stoke , BS32 4JY


The main responsibilities of a Senior Auditor will be supporting the Audit Manager to achieve strategic and operational delivery of a challenging audit agenda to Dunkley’s clientele. You will drive and deliver compliance activity. You will take autonomy to help ensure you have a robust audit sub team who have all the skills needed whilst working collaboratively with other stakeholders to deliver an excellent standard of projects, whilst providing constructive feedback to facilitate the department’s growth.

As one of the audit team, you will nurture relationships with a diverse client portfolio. You will take ownership of your workload and distribute accordingly, ensuring all your work meets the correct requirements before final sign off.


About you:

The successful applicant will be able to:  

  • Assist to ensure assignments are conducted in accordance with Dunkley’s
  • Assist to ensure all assignments are performed at the appropriate time and both internal and external deadlines are met.
  • Be responsible for completion and submission of assignments and returns for all clients within their portfolio by internal and external deadlines.
  • Set out a job plan to complete these assignments with a view to making the task as straight forward and efficient as possible.
  • Brief Sub team / Job Managers, Assistants / Seniors appropriately at the start of an assignment ensuring the job plan and budget are clearly understood.
  • Oversee and provide technical support to Sub team / Job Managers, Assistants / Seniors.
  • Help to maintain a comprehensive and up to date list of audit clients.
  • Maintain a calendar of jobs and plan for interim audit work to spread workload.
  • Use the planning board.
  • Ensure GPM is being used for tracking audit progress.
  • Interaction with CPs where audits are not on the audit manager’s list.
  • Assist with marketing/networking for growth of the department.


Team Development

  • Sharing knowledge with the sub team to enable the audit department to complete all types of audits.
  • Assist with performance management.
  • Assist with PDRs for the audit team.
  • Provide adequate review and feedback.
  • Use of tax team/payroll team for relevant sections.
  • Ensure the defining and the agreement of formal objectives for all direct reports.
  • Provide regular feedback to all team members on their performance via 1 to 1s.

Internal Financial Management & Business Planning

  • To understand and work proactively towards achieving own contribution to the departmental business plan.
  • To monitor and actively manage workflow, work in progress and debt collection (as and when instructed by our finance team) for portfolio of clients.

New Business Development

  • To form good professional relationships with clients, creating an environment whereby clients feel happy to refer their contacts to Dunkley’s.
  • To actively endeavour to make non clients aware of the services and benefits that Dunkley’s can provide.



  • Working towards ACCA/ACA
  • Experience of FRS and charity SORP is desirable.

Further Responsibilities

  • Proper evidence of timely review of files.
  • Monitoring planning and file sign offs.
  • Booking managers time to sign off projects.
  • High level of client contacts and onsite attendance.
  • Agreement of timings and meeting deadlines.
  • Regular Feedback of Audit findings.


Behavioural Competencies

Firm Level Expectations

Positive can-do attitude and work ethic

This means we have a strong work ethic, dedicated in the pursuit of giving our all every single day. Working hard matters to us and getting the job done is paramount. We pride ourselves in producing high quality work, proving we are dependable and perform consistently. In all situations we remain positive, finding and delivering the right solution. We stay focused on our roles and will always look to go beyond expectations for each other and our clients.

Is demonstrated by:

  • Showing a clear understanding of own role purpose, accountabilities, boundaries, objectives, and measures.
  • Ownership of our role, clients, teams, tasks and environment and a tenacity to understand and maximise every situation.
  • Ensuring tasks are completed to standard and on time, going the extra mile when it’s in our interest to do so.
  • Pride in producing high quality work, proving that we are dependable and are not afraid to challenge others or be challenged to stretch and continually improve what we deliver.
  • Use of positive language such as ‘can, will, and we’ rather than ‘can’t, won’t, but I’.


Team Working & Internal Influence

This means we have a positive ‘how can I help?’ approach to our Dunkley’s colleagues, collaborating effectively to achieve success. We listen first, digest, understand and consider all points of view before putting our views across, sharing information and knowledge with others where needed. We consider the other persons’ needs and perspective in all communication and work hard to build good quality, rewarding relationships.

Is demonstrated by:

  • An interest in the overall team/office/service line performance and success at least in line with own personal successes and reward.
  • Accurate, clear, and appropriately brief communication and is usually not misinterpreted or misunderstood.
  • Appropriate internal usage of email, ensuring contentious or sensitive subjects are.
  • communicated using alternative mediums and that email communication style/content is at least in part considerate to the needs of the receiver.
  • A willingness to proactively share information, knowledge, and experience if it can help.
  • others to achieve or improve.
  • A preparedness to listen to others as much as one speaks, to ask questions and demonstrate understanding before articulating own thoughts and feelings.
  • Flexibility in own influencing style and a willingness to adapt to the situation and the needs of others to achieve the best outcome.


Client Focus

This means this is not just something we say, this is what we do. Each one of us knows the role we have and how our role impacts on our clients. We have a deep and thorough understanding of their needs and support them in their decision making. We demonstrate our knowledge, define our actions, provide regular and timely communication, and constantly demonstrate our added value. We seek to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients and become their trusted advisers, supporting them no matter where they are in their personal or business life cycle.

Is demonstrated by:

  • Spends appropriate time in building effective working relationships with own client contacts.
  • Uses appropriate questions, listening and playback to demonstrate clear understanding of client needs and preferences.
  • Keeping promises, completes actions where a commitment has been made within the agreed timeframe.
  • Clear definitions and communication in all aspects of work standards, deadlines, fees and terms and actions in all client dealings.
  • Following client meetings follow up with a written confirmation of outcomes and actions where this is required or appropriate.
  • Asks clients for feedback when appropriate and acts upon it where relevant.



This means we show enthusiasm for Dunkley’s and a real desire to contribute to enabling our people to be successful, making Dunkley’s a great place to work and to forge a career. We show equal enthusiasm for the firms’ clients, and a commitment to making Dunkley’s a firm that our clients advocate and want to do business with.

Is demonstrated by:

  • Energy and enthusiasm for Dunkley’s, our brand, services, people, and clients.
  • A contribution to the role, team, office, or overall firm that is over and above just day to day implementing in own role.
  • Going the extra mile either in terms of quality standards, work volume or time spent when it is clearly important to the client or to colleagues to do so.
  • Ownership and accountability for own performance and self-development.
  • A willingness to consider potential solutions and attempt to overcome a problem oneself, rather than just relying on others or ‘passing the buck’.




This means we can be relied upon as others have confidence in our ability and in our integrity.

Is demonstrated by:

  • Appropriate ability in own role sufficient that others usually have confidence in the individuals’ likelihood of delivering required performance and results.
  • A willingness to build robust and long-term relationships with colleagues and clients and an acknowledgement that trust is at the heart of all quality relationships.
  • The keeping of promises, delivering what has been promised, on time and to the right standards for colleagues and clients.
  • Sound judgement that is applied to decision making in all parts of the role.
  • Appropriate sensitivity when privy to confidential data/information or with people requiring help or support so as not to add unnecessary pressure or difficulty.



This means we actively demonstrate compassion, consideration, and kindness to others.

Is demonstrated by:

  • Empathy and compassion, prioritising the persons’ needs ‘ahead of the task’ when the situation appears to require it.
  • Basic manners, so smiling, saying ‘good morning’, holding a door open, and appearing interested in how others are feeling.
  • A willingness to invest time in getting to know others even if there is no direct/immediate benefit for self.
  • A willingness to proactively volunteer ones’ time where it would make someone’ life easier.
  • Sufficient self-awareness of own behavioural ‘defaults’ and how these can impact on others both positively and negatively and seeking to flex to suit others.
  • Own behaviour being ‘respectful’ of others and ensures ‘banter’ and humour does not offend others regardless of own beliefs.


This means showing fairness, consistency, integrity; being truthful, sincere, and frank.

Is demonstrated by:

  • Respecting others’ property and integrity, as well as adhering to legislative and legal guidelines in full and not ever ‘breaking the rules.
  • ‘Fairness’ and consistency in all dealings with others, taking an objective view where possible and not allowing any prejudices or own beliefs to ‘cloud’ own judgement or behaviour in individual situations.
  • A preparedness (where there is a need) to have ‘difficult’ conversations with clients or colleagues which may involve giving corrective observations or challenging them for the greater good.
  • Asking others for feedback, demonstrating understanding, and attempting to make appropriate changes.


Job specific competencies

Maximising our people

This means we provide the best working environment, training, and career path for those who choose to be part of Dunkley’s. Everyone within the business has an opportunity to grow and develop. Through good line management they are provided with support and clear direction. Recognition will be given for consistently demonstrating performance across our behavioural competencies. Everyone can expect to have a positive experience at Dunkley’s which they will want to share with family, friends, clients, and colleagues throughout their career.

Is demonstrated by:

  • Supervising People
    • Defines and sets clear task direction for team members using SMART objectives.
    • Undertakes regular job specific reviews to ensure that outcomes are achieved to standard vs tasks set.
    • Expresses positive expectations of others and provides positive feedback where deserved.
    • Provides simple corrective feedback where task completion or behaviours are not at the required level.
    • Consistently works to develop own skills and behaviours and takes feedback from others positively.
    • Monitors team member work progress and standards and uses own judgement to intervene/support or leave alone.
  • Managing & Developing People
    • Provides appropriate support and challenge to best enable team member attitude and drive high performance.
    • Tackles team and individual performance shortfalls/behavioural issues by having the courage to provide own observations and agree a plan to improve.
    • Performs a competent formal employee appraisal in line with the firm’s policy ensuring each team member has a defined Personal Development Plan.
    • Shows calmness & confidence in challenging situations to set the right example.
    • Observes team member performance & behaviours and provides clear direction demonstration or a coaching approach to ensure best task and personal development outcome.
    • Uses delegation as a development opportunity where the level of risk allows.

Commercial, practical, and efficient

This means we know why we are here and what services our business provides. We understand our industry, the issues that may affect us and innovate ahead of our competitors. As part of our day-to-day role, we take ownership and personal responsibility for our work performance, completing tasks on time, delivering outputs to the best of our ability. We are organised, ensuring work is carried out by the most suitable person and we get it right first time. In everything we do we take a commercial view, with the aim of maximising profit. We consider every communication and its effectiveness before delivering it. We appreciate the value all of this brings to clients, each other and to Dunkley’s.

Is demonstrated by:

  • Planning
    • Adheres to basic deadlines and ‘time bound’ requirements for working hours, task completion and attending meetings.
    • Appears to have a basic plan in place at the start of each working day and is clear on what they are doing at any one time.
    • Personal areas (e.g., desk) are usually tidy and appear organised.
    • Demonstrates a level of attention to detail and accuracy in own work that is commensurate with required tasks.
    • Prioritises team tasks and workload based on importance as well as urgency/deadlines.
    • Ensures team members and resources are appropriately utilised both within and across tasks to maximise individual and team productivity.
  • Commercial awareness
    • Can demonstrate knowledge of key business principles such as revenue, profit & % margin, etc.
    • Is aware of the targeted and actual revenue performance for own team/office/Service Line at any one time.
    • Is clear on how their own job role impacts on the profitability of Dunkley’s.
    • Manages own and team priorities to maximise overall value to the firm.
    • Considers the commercial implications of own actions before making decisions.

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