Owner, Rental Business and New Build Housing Firm

Charles is the owner of a number of successful businesses in the Bristol area. He has been a client of Dunkley’s since 2016 as a result of the Bryan Stone merger.

Dunkley’s have made me feel comfortable and supported

As a sole trader, my biggest challenge is balancing the day to day running of my business and managing the finances. As I have limited time, completing my accounts always took the back seat. This is when I turned to an accountant to support me and take some of the pressure off my shoulders. I started working with Dunkley’s in 2016 after my previous accountants, Bryan Stone, retired. From the start, the transition was smooth, and I felt comfortable with the support and quality of work I received from Dunkley’s, namely Jeni who looks after me.

Having moved to Dunkley’s, I have been able to take full advantage of their expertise and knowledge. They have not only helped with my bookkeeping, but my tax return, accounts and overall business efficiencies. Aside from my business, Dunkley’s have supported me through personal matters which were quite stressful by completing cash flow projections, liaising with the bank and supporting with the complexities of official documentation.

The support I have received has been invaluable

Whilst all of this was going on, I was thankful to have someone as supportive as Jeni to turn to. At the start, I was popping into Dunkley’s on a weekly basis to discuss matters and every time Jeni set aside time to chat and always had a cup of tea on hand. Now with a lot of this behind me, Dunkley’s have continued to provide me the support I require to maintain the financial side of the business with Joe, one of the accounts assistants, coming in to my offices on a monthly basis to help with bookkeeping, tax returns, accounts and overall business efficiencies. The help and support I have received from both Jeni and Joe over the last couple of years has been invaluable.

Dunkley’s are always there to help

By working with Dunkley’s, I have been able to concentrate on my business and have the comfort of knowing that all of the finances are taken care of professionally and in a timely manner. I would personally recommend Dunkley’s to anyone as they are always on hand to help and provide a fantastic friendly service. If I only had three words to describe them they would be supportive, professional and personable.

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