Forensic accounting

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There's a good chance that at some point in your business or personal life, you'll find yourself involved in a legal dispute over money. It could be a: 

  • Personal injury claim 
  • Contractual dispute 
  • Insurance claim 
  • Contested business loss 
  • Matrimonial dispute 
  • Professional negligence claim 
  • Tax enquiry 
  • Royalty or copyright dispute 
  • Fraud investigation 

In cases like this, we'll work with your lawyer to study and interpret the facts of the case. Often our involvement at an early stage can result in the matter being settled out of court. Some problems can even be solved through arbitration, mediation or determination services. 

If there's a need to pursue litigation, we can provide the necessary information and documentation to support your case. We can also produce valuations in support of a claim and act as an expert witness in court. 

Unfortunately, fraud, disputes and litigation are an everyday reality for many modern businesses. However, our services can considerably strengthen your case, cutting your litigation costs. 

We know that dealing with cases like this can be really time consuming. They can tie up valuable resources that should be focused on growing the business. At the same time though, it is important to deal with them properly.

This is where we can help. We have an impressive array of accounting, auditing and investigative skills, combined with the latest technologies. So, our forensic accountants can help you with cases involving: 

  • Business interruption and loss of profit claims 
  • Breach of contract 
  • Negligence claims 
  • Warranty claims 
  • Product liability claims 
  • Intellectual property disputes 
  • Fraud investigations 
  • Shareholder/director/partnership disputes including business and share valuations 
  • Loss of earnings, pension, or benefits claims 

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