Chloe Debiaune

Chloe Debiaune - Audit and Accounts

Qualifications: ACCA, MAAT

Position: Audit and Accounts


Tel: 01454 619900

I joined Dunkley’s in 2016 after finishing my master's degree and achieving my AAT qualification. During my 2 years' practice experience at Dunkley's I have become fully certified after achieving my ACCA qualification in 2018 and am now working towards my Chartered Institute of Tax exams. 

The person behind the Senior Accountant and Tax Advisor

  • The people I would most like to meet are my family in Shanghai - I’ve always wanted to go and meet them but haven't yet had the chance
  • My speciality dish is French patisserie, including macarons. I failed so many times but have finally managed to master them!
  • I have 2 cats called Woody and Lucy - I love them so much but they keep me very busy as they like to play every day

Specialist Areas