Steven Gibbs

Steven Gibbs - Audit and Accounts

Qualifications: ACCA

Position: Audit and Accounts


Tel: 01454 619900


I graduated from the University of Bath in 2013 in the field of Pharmaceuticals however having left university, I went straight into accountancy work (odd transition I know!). I’ve had almost 4 years' experience working in accounts. I joined Dunkley’s in 2016. During my time here, I have become fully certified after achieving my ACCA qualification in 2019.  

The person behind the Senior Qualified Accountant

  • If I could meet one person in this world it would have to be Roger Federer
  • My favourite place is Maui in Hawaii. I get terrible jet lag but it is well worth it to be there!
  • My speciality dish is bread / bread rolls (with the help of the bread maker)