Dunkley's Auto Enrolment Solution

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The workplace pension law has changed

If you employ at least one person, you must offer a workplace pension scheme - it is only a question of when.

The Pension Regulator will have already given your business a compulsory staging date. This will confirm the latest date by which you need to have your new Pension Automatic Enrolment scheme in place.

Whether that is this year or next, if you fail to act upon it, you will be fined.  

The new rules are far from straightforward. However, what is clear is that they will be an extra burden on both your time and budget.

This is where we can help you. When it comes to Auto-Enrolment we can help you meet your duties. This will include identifying which of your staff must be enrolled into the workplace pension, handle the mandatory announcements to your staff, and process the monthly pension contributions from you and your staff.  

Introducing our Auto-Enrolment solutions

We have two different schemes in place to ensure everyone's requirements are covered.  

1. Dunkley's Auto-Enrolment Scheme

Many clients have raised concerns that they feel unprepared and confused about complying with Auto-Enrolment legislation. These concerns inspired us to create our own user-friendly and cost-effective solution in conjunction with financial advisory firm Chase de Vere.

Chase de Vere are one of the country's leading independent employee benefit consultants and specialist business advisers. They have a wealth of knowledge in helping employers comply with Auto-Enrolment, making them the perfect company to work with.

Chase de Vere and Dunkley's both highly recommend NOW Pensions. This is because the scheme can be used by small business clients to fully comply with all their auto-enrolment duties.

By working with Dunkley's and choosing the NOW Pensions scheme, your business will receive a highly streamlined process. This gives your business a fully compliant auto-enrolment solution which is both simple and cost-effective.  

Why should you subscribe to our Auto-Enrolment service?

Our solution takes away the burden of Auto-Enrolment, giving you more time to focus on running your business. It will:

  • Establish your individual workplace pension scheme with NOW Pensions.
  • Register your scheme with The Pension Regulator to confirm your compliance, as per legal requirements and sending off your declaration of compliance.
  • Re-register your scheme every three years, as per legal requirements. 
  • Conduct regular due diligence to ensure the ongoing appropriateness of the recommended pension provider, pension scheme and default investment fund.

The Dunkley’s Auto-Enrolment service will see your company through the process. This includes identifying the eligibility of your staff, handling on-going communications to all employees’, and processing/ uploading the pension contributions every month.

The NOW scheme would best suit employers who don’t already have a pension scheme in place, and would like to be certain that all aspects will be taken care of by a third party. 

However, this scheme is only available if we manage your payroll. If we do not currently manage your payroll, please contact us for a quotation

2. NEST pensions

NEST was set up by the government to make auto enrolment as simple as possible.

For employers, this means having straightforward processes and plenty of guidance on how to set up and manage NEST. For members, it means making it easy to save and to do the things that can improve your outcome – perfect if you would like to simply comply with your Auto-Enrolment duties.

If you were to choose NEST as your Auto-Enrolment solution, all aspects would be covered with help from us.

Pension communications to employees will be generated monthly, wherever needed and given for distribution. All employee enrolment and file uploads would be taken in as an extra service to the standard running of your payroll.

NEST is flexible and can cater to employees’ requests to a certain extent. However, it is not an enhanced scheme, it is a standard Auto-Enrolment compliant solution.  

Let us know if you’d like bespoke professional advice concerning your pension choices. We will gladly put you in touch with one of Chase de Vere’s pension specialists.

Alternatively, you are welcome to source your own scheme - with or without third party assistance.

We currently have employers with other scheme providers such as Aviva and Royal London, so please feel free to find the best option tailored to your business. 

For more information about any of the options mentioned above, please contact our Payroll team on 01454 619900 or email payroll@dunkleys.accountants