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Limited companies

Limited companies are a popular way of setting up a business as the personal liabilities for the owners are limited.

They offer flexible ways of distributing business profits into the hands of the individuals to help maximise tax efficiencies, but they also come with certain regulatory obligations of which you must be aware.

Helping the sector

Structuring your business in the most tax efficient way

Dunkley’s can guide your existing limited company, advise you on how to switch business structure to become a limited company, or how to start a limited company from scratch.

We will support you in fulfilling all your statutory obligations while ensuring the business is structured in the most tax-efficient way. Get in touch to see how we can support your limited company.


If working as a contractor or freelancer through your own limited company you have probably heard about IR35.

Associated Companies Flowchart

To simplify the intricate relationships and financial interdependencies between businesses, we’ve created an associated companies flowchart. This flowchart is a valuable tool for finance professionals, accountants, and business leaders navigating the complex landscape of corporate associations.

Our account has been
managed excellently

“We have used Dunkley’s as our accountants since 2007. During those years we have been given professional, efficient, essential and friendly advice ensuring our bookkeeping and accounts are
correct and that VAT, HMRC & Companies House reports and payments, as well as reports back to our parent Company in Germany have been submitted without error. Our account has been
managed excellently by Natasha Miller, and the month to month service received from the wider Dunkley’s team has been exemplary.”

Nick Vanderhoest


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