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Company formation

Dunkley’s are here to support your new company. We will guide you through the company formation process and answer any questions you may have. With our expertise, you can be sure your limited company is set up correctly right from the very start.

Supporting your new company

If you’re thinking of starting a new company, we are here to help.

Whether it is your first company formation or your tenth, the process is not always straightforward. Getting it right from the start is vital and the forms that Companies House require you to complete are not simple.

At Dunkley’s, our team is here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have to ensure you start your limited company on the right foot.

We can also support you with all the other elements of forming a new company, including registering with HMRC, setting up a PAYE scheme and choosing the best accounting solution for your needs.

If you are ready to get started, get in touch with us today.

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