Who we help

Technology and innovation

At Dunkley’s we are here to help provide your technology and innovation business with clear business advice and tax solutions. Whatever your needs, we will tailor our services and advice to meet your specific requirements and goals to ensure you succeed.

What we do

Providing proactive, fast-moving solutions

Over the last 25 years, we have been supporting businesses who work within the technology, innovation and growth sector. We have worked with entrepreneurs, start-ups, growing and established businesses, as well as those looking to sell their business and plan for exit. With our experience in these areas, we can provide you with the support and guidance you may need.

We love getting to know the people behind the business, understanding what makes them tick, and tailoring our services and advice to meet their specific requirements and goals.

You may need guidance on the most appropriate tax structure for your business, require help raising funds to expand, or guidance on improving your accounting system. No matter what it is, we can help with all these matters and much more.

Helped us expand

“In the last couple of years, Techmodal have grown rapidly and during this time faced small challenges in understanding the accounting implications of different options for pushing the business forward. Dunkley’s have helped us expand through continued business and development planning enabling us to personalise a plan to move forward with taking into consideration all the options available to us.”

David Evans


What can we do for you?

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