Estate planning and inheritance

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Thinking about your death can be a difficult subject, but it pays to make arrangements for what happens to your finances when you are no longer here, or able to take care of your own affairs.

Our Inheritance Tax, Will and Estate Planning services ensure that you decide how your affairs will be managed and that family and friends will be adequately provided for in the future. We’ll also use our expertise and experience to ensure you and your family enjoy a financially secure lifestyle in your later years, including planning in advance for the costs of long-term care.

Estate Planning

Formulating an estate plan that minimises your tax liability is essential. The more you have, the less you should leave to chance. If your estate is large it could be subject to inheritance tax, which is currently payable where a person’s taxable estate is in excess of £325,000. Even if it is small, planning a well-drafted Will can help to ensure your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes.

Inheritance Tax

We all know that inheritance tax can be a minefield, however, with expert guidance you can be rest assured that your affairs are in safe hands.

At Dunkley’s we offer our knowledge and experience to deliver a pragmatic and effective solution that are tailored to your specific assets, are water-tight and will protect your wealth to limit tax liabilities and maximise the benefits of your estate for your family and other beneficiaries.


It is essential to have an up to date and accurate Will in order to ensure that your property, possessions, money and other assets are passed on to the beneficiaries according to your wishes.

If you should pass away without a valid and lawful Will, then it is possible that your assets will be distributed according to the law.

With the support of our professional team to guide you through the complex and sensitive issues involved in making a Will. We will ensure your assets are preserved and passed onto the relevant people whilst minimising inheritance tax liabilities.

“We know that creating a Will can be a daunting prospect, but this is where we can help. Through our many years of experience, we know that once a Will has been created, you will gain comfort from knowing that all the proper provisions are in place for those you wish to benefit.” Mike Dunkley, Director and Will Specialist

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