Jeni MacRae

Jeni MacRae - Associate

Qualifications: FCCA

Position: Associate


Tel: 01454 619900

I gained my AAT qualification in 1996 and have been working at Dunkley’s ever since, gaining my FCCA qualification during that period. My specialist skills set lies in helping individuals with their tax planning and providing them with the necessary advice they need. I also specialise in helping both individuals and businesses manage their property, may that be for business use or personal rentals. I know everything there is to know about property accountancy. 

The person behind the Associate

  • I am a mother of 6 and my favourite place in the world is being snuggled up with them on the sofa as it is so cosy and warm
  • If I had to choose a favourite food, I would pick mature cheddar cheese. You can’t beat it melted on crumpets with a helping of Marmite!
  • My favourite car would have to be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as it has everything you need in a car and more