A countdown to the finals for phonic farm

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Blog, Community

With the area finals a matter of weeks away, there was no rest for the Phonic Farm students on their first day back at school after the Easter holidays.

At 3.30pm Billy started the meeting discussing the actions that were allocated over Easter. All the students had been working very hard as everything was completed. This was exactly what was needed moving into the final weeks.

As all the Easter actions were done and dusted, Billy moved on swiftly to explain the Area Finals and allocate tasks accordingly. He started off by explaining the outline of the day from the start time, to the presentation, trade stand judging and close. With this being explained, Lily started producing a rota of which students were able to attend and at what time. Luckily, before the holidays began Mrs Manning managed to book the schools Mini Bus so everyone who is available to come can without having to organise cars and alternative lifts.

As you can imagine, there is a lot to do and this really kicked the students into gear as they are determined to maintain their strong position within the competition.

Lily, alongside the rota, was given the responsibility of revisiting the company report as she had received such high marks in her section at the Area Heats.

As Marketing Manager, Hannah was given the responsibility to organise the stand. As the judges loved it so much in the heats, the team decided to leave it the same, but this meant Hannah had to ensure all logistics were in place to get all the items from the Junior School and various departments before the day of the finals.

As well as a revised company report and trade stand, the students must prepare a 4-minute PowerPoint presentation based on their journey. Billy, Max, Dan and Nick decided between them to start working on a basic structure for this presentation pulling from the key points within the company report. The decision regarding who will present, is still to be decided.

James and Tom took on the role of finalising Phonic Farm’s YE Online presence and have managed to get all the product options up for customers to choose from. This is a fantastic achievement as the company can now sell to a wider audience via online channels.

Throughout the meeting, Tom, Theo and Enis were discussing ideas on how to sell the remaining stock. They were busy researching the events timetable for both the Junior and Senior School but also the other schools within the Olympus Trust Partnership. The students are currently amid discussions with the Partnership to see if their phonic inspired recipe cards can be incorporated into the curriculum however attending events could be an alternative avenue to sell to Parents, Carers and Teachers. Alongside this, the school have a strong connection with the local shopping hub, the Willow Brook Centre, as one of the schools Governors heads up the operation. Theo, Tom and Enis worked on an email to discuss if they could get a pop-up stand in the centre one weekend to sell their product to the public. Fingers crossed they can!

With all this taking place, it was a very busy meeting and the next few weeks are set to continue this pattern. It will be great to see how much progress is made – will keep you all updated! 

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