A new direction for phonic farm

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Blog, Community

Phonic Farm were back in action yesterday discussing how they will go about finalising their book in time for the Christmas Fair at St Nicholas Market on the 2nd December.

The team were concerned that there wasn’t enough time to get the story produced, artwork designed, and the finalised book printed and delivered. They began questioning themselves, however this questioning did turn into something very positive. A new direction!

Tom, one of the Finance Directors mentioned a cookbook – the whole room lit up! This was it – the eureka moment finally happened.

With this new direction and all the enthusiasm, ideas for a Christmas themed cookbook in time for the fair were flying. The recipes ranged from Christmas cake to Christmas Pudding, Yule Log and Fudge.

The team have now each taken a ‘sweet’ and are going away to find a unique recipe for it as well as some royalty free images to help decorate the cookbook. On Wednesday, the team plan to start constructing the book so they have limited time to get the recipes right! They have even started to ask parents, teachers and grandparents for recipes, so it is set to be a cracking cookbook with some very tried and tested ‘sweets’ inside.

With the cookbook confirmed, the team are still keen to make it stand out. All the recipes are therefore going to be linked to the animal characters they have created such as Allie the Alligator and Max the Mouse but also have a phonic connection. The idea that will be developed further and sold from January 2018 will include a recipe per character to cover all the phonics as well as tie to healthy eating.

Alongside the cookbook, the team are keen to keep the biscuits. They have had several quotes from suppliers and realised that to produce the quality and quantity of biscuits they will need is too much. The decision therefore was made to eliminate biscuits from the equation. With this said, now the team have a cookbook they are considering the option of purchasing animal shaped cookie cutters which they can package alongside the book…

So much has happened in such a short space of time, I look forward to seeing what Wednesday will bring!  

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