COVID-19: Dunkley’s are here to provide risk-proof strategies & advice

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Blog, COVID-19

It has been a challenging year for all of us as COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty, in both our personal and business lives. The UK economy has taken a dramatic downturn, businesses are struggling to remain afloat due to the double lockdown and thousands of jobs are on the line whilst we try to recover from one of the biggest global pandemics in history.

The UK Government have been doing what they can to save businesses and jobs by introducing a large number of different schemes for everyone to take advantage of. To us, this unlocks a number of opportunities and we are here to help you make the most of them.

At Dunkley’s, we are here to help you prepare for the future. As accountants and business advisors, we can not only provide you with the advice and support you need to take advantage of the Government schemes but can also provide you with a suite of services that will help your business look forward.

Whatever you need support with, may it be developing a strategy that focuses on the future to maximise value and minimise risk, helping you prepare budgets, cashflow and financial forecasts to facilitate forward planning or a full review of your financial systems to streamline your processes, we are here to help you.

Together we will get through this and be stronger as a result.

To find out how we can help you and your business, please feel free to call us on 01454 619900 or email to set up a meeting.

The services we offer

Growth & development planning

In these uncertain times, planning for growth may not be at the forefront of your mind. With that said however, it could be an opportunity for you to develop your business strategy and plan ahead for the future. We can help you develop your plans by assessing your performance, growth strategies and what you need to do to achieve your goals and realise your businesses full potential.

Creating business plans

In the current climate, planning for the future is now more important than ever before. As we want to see your business succeed, now and in the future, we are here to help you develop a solid business plan which takes into account everything from the future direction of your business to specific targets, cashflow and forecasting so you can plan your path to success.

Financial systems review

Understanding where you are financially is vitally important for any business and now so more than ever. Having the tools to ensure the information you receive is accurate, relevant, and up to date can be hard, but we are here to help you make it simple. Using simple diagnostic tools, we can assess whether it is delivering what it should allow you to run your business. From a simple focus on one area of the process through to an entire finance function review, our experts will help streamline your business, saving you both time and money.

Strategic planning

Many businesses have little time to focus on making the most out of key departments by improving efficiency. Our specialist teams, however, do this on a daily basis. We can conduct a full financial systems audit to assess your business’s accounting and taxation processes. By doing this, we can highlight areas of weakness and places for improvement before providing a detailed plan on how to move these recommendations forward. We want to help transform your business into one which is efficient, removes hidden costs and saves time and money.

Financial forecasting

In the current circumstances, it is hard to think about where your business will be in a few years’ time, but it is important to take a step back and look at the future ahead. By preparing budgets, cashflow forecasts and financial forecasts now, you will be able to facilitate forward planning. We are here to help you prepare these forecasts and will continue to work with you to modify and review them over time to anticipate changes and allow you to change your business strategy for continued success.

Independent valuations

We deliver independent valuations for a variety of purposes. Our valuation work is varied and includes reports needed to comply with accounting or regulatory standards. In our experience, a valuation is often needed at a difficult or stressful time, this may be a shareholder dispute, a potential sale or simply the year-end audit process. No matter what the circumstances, we promise to deliver valuations in a timely and cost-effective way to give you confidence and clarity on the full picture.

Cloud accounting software

Whatever the size of your business, one of your key decisions is having the right accounting software for both today and tomorrow. Having worked with many different accounting platforms from Xero to QuickBooks and Sage Business Cloud our team can support you to make the right choice for your business and its overarching needs.

Financial reporting

Financial reporting is now more important than ever as every penny truly does count. To help drive your business forward, we can offer the support you need to keep on track of your business’s finances. We have a range of experience helping companies of all sizes get their financial records in order and advising them on how to maintain records efficiently.

What can we do for you?

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