Cupid is the sculpture of the day!

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Blog, Community

The Gromit trail is becoming even more popular with hundreds of visitors coming to see Cupid each week. Even though the weather is becoming less desirable, people are still been out and about hunting down Gromit’s, Wallace’s and Feather’s before the trail ends.

For Cupid this hasn’t been an ordinary week – in fact it has been an extra special one as he was once again the star of the show! Each day during the trail, one of the sculptures has had its turn in the spotlight to draw attention to the beautiful design and artist who’s taken the time to paint it. On Thursday, Cupid was in the spotlight which meant more visitors than usual came to visit to collect their ‘star seeker’ badge. This is one of the 38 awards people can earn on the official Gromit Unleashed 2 app.

This new-found fame, led to an influx of selfies for our competition as well as an abundance of children who literally run us out of colouring sheets for our ‘Give Gromit a Makeover’ challenge! Don’t worry though we’ve got them back now! With our in-house art gallery filling up fast, will your design make the cut?

Gromit Unleashed 2Gromit Unleashed 2

It hasn’t just been a busy week for Cupid, our staff have been very busy trying to complete the staff selfie challenge. At last count the team had taken photos with 41 of the 67 sculptures, now we are at a staggering 65 of 67 which means we are so close! 2 more to go to have a full set – what a team!? If you fancy looking at our achievements for yourself, pop your head inside the next time you are passing as there is a large map of our photos on the wall in reception. A sneak peek is below…

Gromit Unleashed 2

We hope to be seeing you very soon.

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