Sun, selfies and the summer holidays!

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Blog

It has been a busy few weeks at Dunkley’s with thousands of Gromit hunters coming to visit Cupid whilst the sun is out, and the summer holidays are on.

Since the schools broke up we have had visitors of all ages and nationalities come to visit our paisley patterned pink pooch. We have had new borns to newlyweds and Austrians to Australians visit Cupid to strike a pose and tick him off their trail map.

Whilst visitors are here, they don’t just get the opportunity to see one sculpture but three. Mr Sprinkles, an original WOW Gorilla trail sculpture, sits outside keeping Cupid company each day. He has become Dunkley’s company mascot after being painted by Mike Dunkley’s daughter, Eloise. As well as Mr Sprinkles, visitors can see “Queenie” from the Shaun in the City trail. Queenie is on loan to us for the duration of the summer by one of our clients, so if you want to see her again make sure to pop by while you can.

Queenie, Cupid and Mr Sprinkles

That is not all! To keep the little ones busy, we are running two competitions! These are “Give Gromit a makeover” and “Let me take a Selfie”. We have had hundreds of entries and cannot wait for the rest. Each week, we post a summary of the selfies that have been taken on our social media platforms, including Cupid’s very own account @TopDogDunkleys (which you should follow if you haven’t already!). Similarly, with the colour competition we have had to create a gallery of all the talented entries on our office wall to showcase the fantastic designs we have been sent. Some of these can be seen below. Both competitions are running until Friday 31st August, so you still have time to submit your entries. 

Cupid SelfiesDesign a Gromit

Cupid hasn’t been the only one basking in the sunshine, our staff have been out in it completing a challenge which has been set for them. The challenge is to see if we as a firm can get a selfie with every sculpture on the trail before it ends in September. You wouldn’t expect accountants to be competitive, but in this office, they are. Only a month into the trial and we have already taken selfies with 61% of the sculptures on the trail – that’s a staggering 41 Gromit’s, Wallace’s and Feathers!  

Staff Selfies

Our mini Gromit has also been loving the sun but not in the UK. He joined Nicole, our Marketing Manager on her holiday to the Netherlands. He has visited the Hague, sunbathed on the beach, found a windmill, enjoyed camp life and even met new friends from all over the world including Kate from Australia.  

Gromit on Holiday

As you can see its not been a quiet one, it’s been quite the opposite. Who ever said accountants were boring? 


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