The area heats are just around the corner for phonic farm

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Blog, Community

After a successful trade fair at the Mall last week, the students were all in good spirits coming into the meeting yesterday. It was a very good job too, as the meeting started off with a very in-depth brief for the students about the upcoming area heats and all the preparation they would have to do. This preparation ranged from writing and completing a company report for submission on Wednesday 7th March to preparing a Dragons Den style pitch for the judges. It is going to be a very busy week!

Once the brief was over, Billy as meeting chair, divided up the tasks (focusing on the company report) so each director had an element to complete. As so much had to be incorporated into the report, everyone had a lot to do. Tom W and Theo focused on the finances and worked with Billy to ensure that the YE online reports were fully up to date before pulling interim accounts and writing a synopsis. Hannah focused on the company’s mission statement, goals and values, Lily focused on the enterprise, Tom F focused on our digital marketing, Daniel and Joe on the growth of the company and the lessons learnt and finally James on the community impact and future opportunities of the business. With so little time, it was fantastic to see so much effort being put into the report and the quality of writing being so high. All I could hear throughout the entire meeting yesterday was the tip tap of keyboards (which is very rare indeed!)

With each section near completion, it is now Billy’s job to compile each section and incorporate it into the pre-developed report template. He has one busy day ahead of him!

Now this is all on track, the company have decided to focus on the stand design ahead of the area heats. Following the feedback given to them at the Mall trade fair, the judges said that the stand needed to be more appealing to kids, so this was their challenge! What could they do? Make the stand more vibrant in colour, incorporate toys, noises, sweets, playdough? The possibilities are endless, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

As a little aside, but I thought it was a very nice piece of news to share, the company received an email from Sophie Fjeld-Wong, aged 5 yesterday. Sophie and her mum Erika, visited the students at their stand at the Mall last weekend and purchased a recipe pack. They shared how much they have enjoyed using the recipes and tasting the delicious results! Alongside this very positive feedback, Sophie noticed the competition which the students incorporated into their Christmas cookbook which was to ‘guess the characters names’ ahead of their new product release (which we now know is the recipe cards). Sophie was very excited about this and came up with names inspired by family, teddies and friends that they as a family know and love. These are shared below:

  • Albert the Alligator
  • Betty the Bee
  • Cuddles the Cat
  • Derek the Dog
  • Erika the Elephant
  • Florence the Flamingo
  • Geoffrey the Giraffe
  • Herbert the Hippopotamus
  • Isabella the Impala
  • Joshua the Jaguar
  • Kevin the Koala
  • Lionel the Ladybird
  • Merry the Mouse
  • Noah the Narwhale
  • Oscar the Owl
  • Penelope the Pig
  • Queenie the Quail
  • Rocky the Racoon
  • Sophie the Snake
  • Timothy the Tiger
  • Una the Unicorn
  • Victoria the Vulture
  • Walter the Worm
  • Xavier the X-Ray Fish
  • Yasmin the Yak
  • Zacora the Zebra

As Sophie has done such an amazing job, the company are sending her a recipe pack of her choice as a special well done! 

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