The sweet taste of success!

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Blog

On Thursday 18th July, Dunkley’s were back in action taking part in the Meade King Charity Monopoly Challenge against 5 other teams to help the homeless charity, The Julian Trust.

Each team had 6 people in it and had 4 hours to complete the competition. The aim of the challenge was to get as many points as possible in the allocated time frame by taking photos of the whole team at specified locations around Bristol (& beyond). Each location was given a different point value and additional challenges were thrown in to help boost to the team’s totals. It was down to each team to plan their routes taking into consideration travel time and get back to the finish point by 8pm.

The Dunkley’s team consisted of our very own QuickBooks Queen Amber Vierke, our Tax Guru Chloe Debiaune and her husband Clement, our newest recruit David Bailey, one of the Directors Matthew Dobbins and our Marketing Manager Nicole Crompton.

The team started strong by arriving in plenty of time allowing for a little extra planning and preparation. Straight out of the gate the team decided to head straight for Temple Meads station to not only collect the £100 that location gave them, but also to hop onto a train to Bath to collect a further £500! Within the first hour, the team had managed to rack up over £1000 and visit 2 key train stations (even if they only visited Bath for a matter of moments).

The rest of the challenge continued in a similar manner. Clement had used his initiative to plot each location on his phone whilst on the train to Bath to enable a visual representation of the locations and which would naturally link together to get the most points.

The second the team got back to Bristol, a 1-hour walk was on the table which would enable them to reach an additional 10 more locations equating to a further £1000. This included landmarks such as Temple Gardens, Cabot Circus, Castle Park and St Nicholas Market.

To add to the teams score throughout the challenge, they needed to use as many different modes of transport as possible. As part of this 1-hour walk, the team made it their mission to get on any form of transport they could find and take a photo. This included everything from a child’s merry-go-round to a police riot van and skateboards.

In the last 2 hours the team continued to make use of a variety of transport and cover a wide stretch of the city to visit everywhere from the Clifton Suspension Bridge to Bristol Zoo, the Downs, the BBC Studios and even Arnos Vale.

With 5 minutes to spare, the team made it back to the venue having managed to visit over 20 locations and complete over 25 challenges.

It was a tense hour wait before the results came in, luckily there was a buffet involved.

The time then came for the results to be announced. Having worked so hard over the course of the 4 hours, the teams’ hearts were racing. The results were announced in reverse order and it came down to Dunkley’s and one other team to claim the title. The second-place team were announced and at that moment the team knew they had succeeded! They didn’t however know by how much…

It was later revealed that Dunkley’s smashed the competition by achieving £1,100 more points than the 2nd place team. It was an eventful afternoon but one which was well worth it to raise money and awareness of such a worthwhile local charity but also to showcase our teamwork and prove the Dunkley’s dream team are the ones to beat! 

Monopoly Challenge 2019

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