We stepped up for St Peters Hospice!

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Blog, Community, Events

Throughout March, 15 members of staff set themselves a virtual challenge to walk from Lands’ End, Cornwall to John O’Groats, Scotland in just 31 days for our Charity of the Year, St Peter’s Hospice.

The staff were split into three groups of five to add a competitive element to the challenge. Over the course of the month, each team needed to walk 980 miles or 2,299,172 steps. For the teams, this meant an average of 13,000 steps or 5.79 miles per person per day.

Along the way, the teams had 11 milestones to hit from Bristol to Stratford-Upon Avon, York, and Hadrian’s Wall.

In the first week of the challenge, all three teams stepped up to the mark making their way to Bristol, which is just over 200 miles from the start point. This perseverance continued throughout the course of the challenge, with every week’s total step count and distance becoming greater and greater.

With three teams competing against each other the determination to not only achieve the daily step count but also exceed it was clear. Throughout the course of the month, the average step count per day surpassed 18,000 steps which is the equivalent of 8.02 miles.

With the steps clocking up and more than 3 milestones being hit a week, it was clear the teams were going to make it to John O’Groats with time to spare.

The first team passed the finish line in just 26 days, closely followed by the other two teams who successfully finished the challenge on Sunday, with 3 days to spare.

A lot of time and perseverance went into this challenge and to have completed it is quite an achievement. When you consider the distance covered per person, it is the same as each individual walking from Lands End to Bristol or from Bristol to Manchester.

Aside from walking, Janet, our Payroll Manager, also wrote and produced a unique song ‘John O’Groats to Lands’ End Heroes’ which highlights the experience. With a little help from Nicole, our Marketing Manager and fellow walker, the song was turned into a ‘music’ video which is worth a watch. The CEO of St Peter’s highly recommends it!

In a year of uncertainty and restrictions, the staff members involved not only were able to embrace the outdoors and maintain their fitness but could also work towards a common goal of raising vital funds for a local charity very close to their hearts.

Over the course of the challenge, we have raised £1,656 for St Peter’s Hospice but this number is still increasing. The donation will go a long way to providing the best possible care and support to terminally ill patients at the Hospice.

Thank you to everyone involved and to those who have donated. We are continuing to support St Peter’s throughout the course of the year, so if you would like to donate, we would very much appreciate it.

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