We’re on a roll with young enterprise – we even have a company name!

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Blog, Community

It’s week 4 and we have made some progress!

After a week-long break the team met for again yesterday to see where they have all got to.  

Billy, MD, chaired the meeting and started off by going around the table to see what research everyone had found – everything from tea towels to bags, biscuits and mugs had been looked up. We had gone in a backwards spiral with new ideas flying around which wasn’t the idea. Nicole and Clare, stepped in to make sure the team got back on track.

The team then went into a detailed discussion about each idea and ended up voting to make the final decision. The outcome of this vote was biscuits.

With this conclusion drawn, the next decision to be made was if they are still going to continue with the animal theme and link to Lawrence Weston Community Farm.

The group seemed very keen to keep this theme and charity, so it was decided that the biscuits would be made to represent animals in some way.

Lily, the HR manager, then put a great idea forward – children! She went on to explain her idea which was to link the product to child developmental learning. The group loved it however wondered how they could link biscuits and learning…

Discussions continued with various learning links coming into play from teaching children the alphabet to learning phonics and rhyming words.

After a very lengthy back and forth, the decision was made to go with phonics and from this the company name Phonic Farm was formed. The name links the purpose of the product, the connection to animals and the underlying charity.

The team were still stuck on the link between biscuits and learning until an idea was raised about a book! This curve ball of an idea may be the answer.

It was at this point the meeting ended so each team member was given the task to research suppliers, costs and potential sales margins. Hannah was also given the task as Marketing Director to develop a company identity starting with the logo… 

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