Marta Rokowska

Position: Payroll


Tel: 01454 619900

Before starting my career, I studied for a Master’s in Accountancy at the University of Wroclaw, Poland and then did a top up year completing a BA in Business Studies at Birmingham City University. I have now been working in the Payroll industry for over 10 years and am excited to start a new chapter with Dunkley’s. 

The person behind the Payroll Supervisor

  • I am originally from a little town in Poland called Andrychów, which is very close to where Pope John Paul II was born. It will always have a special place in my heart.
  • I am a huge sports fan! I love football (I am a Man United supporter by default as my other half said he would divorce me otherwise!), Basketball (I love to follow the Los Angeles Lakers) and the F1 (I am the biggest fan of Michael Schumacher, he will forever be my favourite driver!). I also enjoy watching the Ski Jumping in the Winter and following the Polish team as they are regular champions in the sport.
  • I love to travel the world. In Europe, my favourite place must be Meteora in Greece but in the wider world it has to be the Glacier National Park in Montana. As you can tell, I love the outdoors and exploring the mountains. I think this is mainly because I was brought up close to Leskowiec, a scenic mountain range in South Poland.
  • Other than sports and travelling, my two favourite things must be coffee and dogs.