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Most businesses develop a financial department without a strategic plan or the input of a qualified accountant. With little time to spare, business owners rarely explore alternative and potentially more efficient ways of running the finance department.

As a result, many successful businesses end up with financial processes that work but are not the most effective. These weaknesses often lead to hidden costs in wasted time, money and stress.

We can conduct a financial systems audit to assess your business’s accounting and taxation processes. This highlights the actions required to reduce or eliminate these unnecessary costs.

What does it cover?

Dunkley’s financial systems audit covers financial administration, bookkeeping and controls as well as accounting and reporting.

The audit will look at systems and procedures relating to organising the business’s paperwork, recording transactions and controls.

This will include ensuring your business meets all the relevant legal requirements to avoid penalties and to support tax-planning strategies.

It will also make financial information available to the business owner for the purposes of decision-making and cashflow management.

What are the benefits?

By undertaking a financial systems audit with Dunkley’s, you will be able to:

  • Get a better return from your finance department
  • Be more effective when it comes to financial management
  • Become better informed for tax-planning purposes
  • Obtain a better grasp on your business’s finances
  • Discover if you can improve control and information
  • Reduce costs.


If you want to learn more about how the financial systems audit could work for your business, get in touch with our audit team today on 01454 619900.

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