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Running a smooth payroll isn’t just about keeping staff happy with timely payments—it’s also about staying on the right side of HMRC to avoid any unexpected tax issues.

HMRC conducts yearly audits on employers, scrutinising payroll processes to ensure accurate tax payments. Mistakes here could lead to hefty fines, especially if you’ve misunderstood the intricate tax rules around payroll and expenses.

With HMRC’s short notice period of just seven days for audits, it’s wise to keep your payroll practices in line.

That’s where our expert payroll consultancy comes in. We can provide a detailed review of your payroll policies and procedures. Our goal is to pinpoint any potential issues and offer tailored solutions, ensuring your payroll remains compliant and hassle-free.

How does Payroll Consultancy work?

Our team can personally visit your team to meticulously review your payroll policies and procedures, including those concerning expenses, authorisation, and benefits for both employees and directors. Alternatively, we can discuss remote options to best work for your needs. 

Following this thorough assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive written report. This report not only highlights any current or potential issues but also offers tailored recommendations to address any challenges uncovered during our consultancy.

In addition to our consultancy service, we offer a wide range of other payroll solutions, including our highly cost-effective outsourced payroll bureau. With this service, you can rest assured that your payroll operations will consistently meet HMRC compliance standards.

For more information or to book in a visit with our experts, contact our payroll team on 01454 619900 or email

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